Is This Really the “New Boston?”

Daniel Palmier Millenium Tower

“The sale of the Millennium Tower Boston’s grand penthouse is a vote for the “new Boston” and an endorsement of Millennium Partners, according to Bates.”

That’s David Bates, author of the Bates Real Estate Report commenting on the recent sale of the penthouse in the Millennium Tower. With an asking price of $37.5 million, any sum close to that would make it the most expensive condominium in Boston’s history. The Millennium Tower is certainly not shy, it’s development has been featured in the Boston Business Journal, Banker & Tradesman, the Boston Herald and Boston Globe. Expected to live up to its hype, the Millennium Tower is set to include a two-level club with a lifestyle program for its residents and a restaurant with celebrity chef Michael Mina at the helm. You can read more about the mystery sale here.

Real estate statistics have already shown us that condominium sales have been increasing at an expansive rate and show no signs of stopping (almost half of the tower’s units were sold by October, 2014) and if Bates is correct, the city’s value will be greatly impacted by this spectacular sale.

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Daniel Palmier is a Real Estate Finance Executive and Boston native. He is the founder and CEO of UC Funds and Director of the Palmier Foundation, an organization which supports local and international charities. To read more by Daniel Palmier, visit his site.

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