Celebrating Stamford Downtown’s 25th Anniversary

On Monday June 19, Team UC Funds enjoyed attending the 25 Year Anniversary of Stamford Downtown at the Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa, in, you guessed it, Stamford, Connecticut. Property and business owners, as well as Stamford’s Mayor David Martin gathered to celebrate. The event was hosted by actor and Late Show with David Letterman personality Alan Kalter. I was especially happy to see Brian Cashman, the General Manager of the New York Yankees, as the keynote speaker. Past DSSD Chairmen, founding board members, and commercial office owner Reckson were all honored.

I connected with many Stamford friends over the course of the evening

We’ve invested $100+ million on three assets in Stamford Downtown since September, 2016, and I can certainly attest to the ever-increasing importance of the Stamford market, both in business and residential real estate.

The UC Funds-owned Stamford Courtyard, one of the most lucrative Courtyard’s in the U.S., is Connecticut’s most successful hotel in terms of rate and occupancy.

Park Square West, another one of our assets, is a hip class A, multifamily housing development. It’s an ideal spot for Stamford residents, as well as New York millennials and professionals, who can easily hop on the Metro North to Manhattan.

I’m also excited for the Residence Inn Marriot on Atlantic Street to take shape. This is a project that UC Funds recently acquired. The hotel is set to open in Summer 2018. Abandoned in 2015 when the previous owner filed for bankruptcy, we stepped in to revitalize the project and get it up and running.

I had the chance to catch up with the Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, who spoke at the event

As you can see, I’m very driven to work in Stamford, and to develop and maintain relationships with business and property owners there. The success of Stamford Downtown perfectly illustrates the fast growth of the area and its significant role in the real estate industry as a whole. It was wonderful to celebrate such an important anniversary with Stamford’s finest.

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