Presenting UC GO – Transformational commercial real estate financing

On behalf of the team here at UC Funds, I’m thrilled to introduce our new UC GO non-recourse commercial bridge loan, the most competitive commercial real estate financing in the United States. By offering an 85 percent LTV, and 0.5 debt service coverage (DSC), UC GO is cheaper, faster, and more reliable than anything else out there. It is a variable rate product, starting at LIBOR +375, and is available for loans as little as $5 million.

This product is two years in the making. UC GO comes at a perfect time for borrowers, thanks to its extreme competitiveness and non-bank restrictions and contingencies. With many projects that began after the recession now cash flowing, they are able to meet our reduced debt service at an LTV that provides for numerous future refinancing options and alternatives. Plus, loan approval with UC GO is 30 days or less.

For investors, UC GO offers the superior returns of equity with the lower risk of debt. The combination of capitalization from both UC Funds itself and outside institutions, as well as real estate developers who are past UC Funds borrowers, certainly speaks to our firm’s integrity and expertise, as well as our steadfast commitment to relationship development.

UC GO is a great match for any type of asset, whether it’s multifamily, hotel, office, industrial, or mixed-use. What truly differentiates UC GO is the fact that most commercial mortgage products provide between 60 and 75 percent LTV, while UC GO is able to provide an 85 percent LTV. UC GO’s 0.5 DSC is twice as competitive as similar products on the market.

UC GO completes our portfolio of commercial real estate products across a wide variety of needs and uses, further establishing us as a one-stop shop for commercial real estate financing.

Think it’s a fit for your needs? To apply for UC GO, contact Domenico Manago, Managing Director of Sales, at 857-288-2811 or email

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