How To Use Venture Capital To Grow Your Business


How To Use Venture Capital To Grow Your Business

Venture capitalists reach out to businesses that have a high potential for a return on investment. This is usually the case for a business that has determined what area of the market it will focus on and simply needs funds in order to scale. There are four stages of the fundraising process. Series A and B are when venture capitalists make the most investments, but they also make investments in Series C and D. Continue reading

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The Basics of Real Estate Finance

The Basics of Real Estate Finance

Whether you are making plans to purchase a new home or to invest in real estate, you likely have plans to apply for a mortgage in the near future. Real estate prices can be astronomical, and a mortgage gives you the option to fund your purchase without having to save up the full sales price and closing costs. If you are preparing to apply for a real estate loan soon, consider these basic concepts as you explore the loan programs available.

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Apple’s Red iPhone Creates a Cultural Conundrum in China

Apple’s Red iPhone Creates a Cultural Conundrum in China

One glance at the Chinese flag and it’s clear red is a very important hue in China. So, it’s a cinch that, when Apple unveiled its red iPhone 7, there might be some questions when the company went to try to market that model in China. Continue reading

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4 Tips to Becoming Healthy While in the Office

4 Tips to Becoming Healthy While in the Office

Working at an office can take a toll on your physical health. From sitting at a desk all day to indulging in junk food at meetings, you may put on a few pounds! Luckily, maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. Read on for 4 helpful tips for getting healthy while at the office. Continue reading

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Understanding Real Estate Finance

Understanding Real Estate Finance by Dan Palmier

The real estate sector has been intrinsically tied to the American economy for centuries. It is sometimes said that all property owners in the United States are investors at heart; this adage is confirmed by the considerable number of real estate transactions that close each day. Continue reading

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Full Frontal Host Bee Apologizing to Cancer Patient

Full Frontal Host Bee Apologizing to Cancer Patient

Comedy ain’t what it used to be. The days when a comic could say something potentially tasteless or offensive, get a few groans and move on with life by finishing the set and leaving everyone laughing are, essentially, done. Now, people are grabbing video, editing clips and posting them online with inflammatory headlines that send people into fits. Sometimes, the anger is even deserved … though, often, the reaction is much more extreme than warranted. What’s the case in this situation? Well, you decide… Continue reading

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7 Questions that Will Help You Become a Better Leader

The Best Leaders Maximize These Talents by Daniel Palmier

Complacency is cancer to leadership. Getting into a groove can turn into being stuck in a rut without you ever noticing. So, how can you combat complacency? Test yourself, measure your current skill and ability in several key areas on a regular basis. Here’s a list to get you started. Continue reading

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