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Will Calorie Cutting Candy Win With Consumers?

Americans love candy. I mean, we really love candy. The United States consumes about 18 percent of the world’s chocolate, according to a report by NBC. That’s double the amount consumed in the United Kingdom and four percent higher than … Continue reading

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How To Use Venture Capital To Grow Your Business

  Venture capitalists reach out to businesses that have a high potential for a return on investment. This is usually the case for a business that has determined what area of the market it will focus on and simply needs … Continue reading

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7 Questions that Will Help You Become a Better Leader

Complacency is cancer to leadership. Getting into a groove can turn into being stuck in a rut without you ever noticing. So, how can you combat complacency? Test yourself, measure your current skill and ability in several key areas on … Continue reading

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Brewers Dealing with Russian Ban

Beer is facing an uphill battle in Russia these days. While many brewing brands are feeling the loss of a decreasing Russian appetite for international brews, one of the biggest recently put a number to the pain—Heineken reported double-digit sales … Continue reading

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Innovations in the Airfare Industry

As time marches on, every industry on the face of the earth finds itself in a struggle to keep up with the ever changing environment. The airfare industry is no exception, and while flight remains a fairly exclusive and unrivaled … Continue reading

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