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What America’s Best Suburbs All Have in Common

Whether you seek to relocate or invest in real estate, suburbs shine with possibilities! Thriving neighborhoods have distinct characteristics. In fact, you can predict livability by the presence of key beneficial factors. Top American suburbs share these traits. Here are … Continue reading

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April’s Hottest Real Estate Markets

Real estate is a primary component of a healthy economy, and you may be focusing your attention on top markets across the country for various reasons. Whether you are a savvy real estate investor looking for hot real estate opportunities … Continue reading

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The Basics of Real Estate Finance

Whether you are making plans to purchase a new home or to invest in real estate, you likely have plans to apply for a mortgage in the near future. Real estate prices can be astronomical, and a mortgage gives you … Continue reading

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Understanding Real Estate Finance

The real estate sector has been intrinsically tied to the American economy for centuries. It is sometimes said that all property owners in the United States are investors at heart; this adage is confirmed by the considerable number of real … Continue reading

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Is This Really the “New Boston?”

“The sale of the Millennium Tower Boston’s grand penthouse is a vote for the “new Boston” and an endorsement of Millennium Partners, according to Bates.” That’s David Bates, author of the Bates Real Estate Report commenting on the recent sale … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Housing Market Keeps Booming

Here is another great article about how much our real estate market is taking off and isn’t showing any signs of dropping off in the near future. Scott Van Voorhis gives us the hard numbers, demonstrating what we at UC … Continue reading

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Examples of Common Architecture Found in Boston

The Palmier family have a long history in Boston. As a result, we are leaf peepers, foodies, cyclists and lovers of architecture. Boston is a wonderful example of architecture styles that go back as far as the founding of America. … Continue reading

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