Brits Filing for German Citizenship in Record Numbers

daniel palmier British German citizenship

Brexit has had some interesting effects on the culture of Britain, even in the short term. One of the more interesting, which may or may not have far-reaching effects, is the dramatic uptick in the number of Brits opting for German citizenship.

How many Brits are becoming Germans as well? Several thousand, apparently, as approved requests are up 361 percent. And Germany is not alone in receiving new English affection. Foreign passport applications have skyrocketed since the Brexit vote. This is in anticipation of losing certain rights British people currently enjoy as members of the European Union. These rights include the “automatic” right to live and work in any other EU country.

Countries also feeling the love from the British include Sweden, Poland, Italy, and Hungary … among others. Ireland passport requests jumped 41 percent, which means upwards of 65,000 British citizens have requested these passports.

Thanks in part to its recent Imperial past, the British passport is one of the most versatile in the world, allowing passport holders more mobility than many other similar passports from other countries. Yet, as more Brits are planning to travel abroad, an increasing number of foreigners living in Britain are considering going back home. The expat community is huge in Britain, and it’s getting much smaller. Nearly 120,000 EU citizens have already returned home, according to government data. That’s up 36 percent over this time last year.

Those returns are likely music to the ears of pro-Brexit Brits who tend to be more committed nationalists who would rather Britain have its independence from international economic and political entanglements, including foreign workers.

But each of these factors is drawing a deeper line in the separation between pro and anti-Brexit voters. The initial “pro” vote surprised many, even those who supported leaving the European Union. The fallout already cost one Prime Minister their job and a second PM their government majority … and the political fallout seems to be far from over.

As the government of Britain continues to figure out what British life will look like post-Brexit, many in the private sector are considering this question as well. What will business be like? Will it be better? Worse? Will there be more opportunities for trade, or will trade be restricted? Will this mean more jobs in Britain for British people, or will companies leave, looking for better environments?

There are a lot of questions, and every one of these questions is tied to multiple potentially positive or negative PR narratives. Decision-makers in both public and private life need to be fast to take up the narrative thread and present strong, compelling reasons why their perspective is the one the British people need to embrace.

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Musk and Iger leave Trump Team

Musk and Iger leave Trump team

Early in his presidency, Trump’s team made a big deal about his roundtable of top advisors from the commercial world. Captains of industry, innovators and big thinkers were set to gather from time to time in order to advise the President on matters of commerce and the global economy. At least, that’s what it was supposed to be about. Continue reading

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Facebook Launches Live Sports Streaming Deal With MLB

Facebook launches live sports streaming deal with MLBThere’s no doubt that the floodgates will soon be open, and live streaming sports will be a thing. But, at this point, the options are coming out in a veritable trickle, a drip of a few games from a few sports just testing the waters. Continue reading

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Will US Ban Laptops on International Flights?

Will US ban laptops on international flights?Digital terrorism is a growing fear internationally. As terrorist groups grow more technologically savvy and hackers continue to step up their attacks, governments across the globe are being forced to make some decisions that will frustrate many travelers. Continue reading

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Will Calorie Cutting Candy Win With Consumers?

Will calorie cutting candy win with consumers?Americans love candy. I mean, we really love candy. The United States consumes about 18 percent of the world’s chocolate, according to a report by NBC. That’s double the amount consumed in the United Kingdom and four percent higher than all of Asia combined. So, it’s not surprising that American candy makers love their country’s appetite for their product. Continue reading

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Uptake CEO Says He Could Have Prevented Flint Water Crisis

Uptake CEO says he could have prevented Flint water crisisA lot of people have weighed in on the horrible Flint, Michigan water crisis. Most of them have talked about what should be done and what hasn’t been done. But at least one person and one company are talking about what they could have done to stop it before it ever happened. Continue reading

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Fox Finally Gives Up On O’Reilly

Fox finally gives up on O’ReillyBill O’Reilly, champion of the right, scourge of the left and top draw pundit at Fox News for more than 20 years, is officially out. O’Reilly was fired by the network after a massive sexual harassment settlement was made public last week. Continue reading

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Is Twitter Heading for an All Time Low?

Is Twitter Heading for an All Time Low?After owning a stock that soared close to $80 a share at its high point, its no surprise that Twitter shareholders were disgruntled to find the stock trading for only $20 a share at the end of 2016. Unfortunately, shareholders have more reason to worry in 2017. The company has stopped attracting new users and is learning the hard way that advertising revenue alone is not enough to generate large profits long term. Continue reading

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What America’s Best Suburbs All Have in Common

What America's Best Suburbs All Have in Common

Whether you seek to relocate or invest in real estate, suburbs shine with possibilities! Thriving neighborhoods have distinct characteristics. In fact, you can predict livability by the presence of key beneficial factors. Top American suburbs share these traits. Here are their commonalities. Continue reading

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NFL and Amazon Agree to Livestream Deal for 2017 Season

NFL and Amazon Agree to Livestream Deal for 2017 Season

For years now, as consumer appetites and technology have shifted TV viewing from cable to streaming media, there’s always been one standout holdout: live sports. The needle moved a bit with ESPN3 and WatchESPN, but to see many major sporting events live, especially the NFL, you had to have a cable hookup. Continue reading

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